Born by the know-how acquired in the mechanical sector, Bacciottini Group developed specific competence in post print finishing sector and is now one of the leading companies in projecting, engineering and manufacturing completely automated machines to facilitate creasing, perforating, folding and cutting functions. A long tradition that evolves in quality and technological innovation, acknowledged by the market, that operates especially in digital printing sector for the realization of calendars, photobook and print on demand works in general. Bacciottini Group is a synonymous of warranty and reliability: currently present in many countries, it is able to answer to any need both with its production range and in terms of customization and assistance. Bacciottini Group products are recognized and appreciated for quality, efficiency, long-life and ease of use. They can be easily integrated in any production chain ranging from typography to copy shop and digital production and papermaking.

The company has a sales office able to answer in an experienced and efficient way to all requests providing useful information to optimize print department and find practical solutions. The corporate Research and Development centre and the sole use of excellent quality materials produce reliable machines with a very long productive life. Italian quality makes Bacciottini Group as a reference point for any sector matter.

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